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In the city of Puerto Maldonado, Richard Amable together with Carlos Huamani and Miguel Ríos start a group of bird watching and the first steps of Birding in Action Programs. That same year, they met bird watcher Daniel L. Lebbin of Cornell University. Dr. Lebbin encouraged Richard’s team to form an organization to teach bird watching and conservation to the community. Richard began teaching classes to students from public institutes in Puerto Maldonado, ad honorem or free of charge, guided by his passion for bird watching.

We received amazing donations of birding equipment (telescopes, binoculars, and birding field books) from Emmalee Tarry and Birder's Exchange (the American Bird Watching Association).


Richard gains strength and appreciation by teaching more walks, talks and birdwatching classes in which students from the SENATI Institute and the UNAMAD University participate.


The premier Peruvian bird watcher. Renzo Zeppilli, trained and encouraged Jacamar Club to continue developing technical field skills, ethics and protocols to be fantastic field guides.


Jacamar Club provided extensive wildlife data, field information, and assistance to wildlife researchers from Amigos Biological Station, Tambopata Research Center, Casthill Film Productions, EBIRD.com global database, to the Registration Committee of Aves del Perú and websites like : Xeno -cantos.org


Jacamar Club is formally established as a tourism company that operates bird watching and nature trips to the Madre de Dios region and the highlands of the Cusco region.


The "Amable" family made a significant donation of 65-acre (25-hectare) of pristine Amazon rainforest along the Madre de Dios River to the Jacamar Club to promote wildlife research, education, and conservation of birds in southeastern Peru.


Donated forest land becomes "Luz Marina Meléndez Private Reserve" This area is established as a protected property in honor of Richard Amable's mother. Kicking off wildlife conservation near Puerto Maldonado in southeastern Peru.


In the Luz Marina Meléndez Private Reserve, a basic camp was built, which functions as a station: A raised floor on stilts, an amazon palm roof, mattresses on the floor, a stove and a basic latrine. We hope to build a more sophisticated building in the near future.


Jacamar Club designed and built 07 artificial nests for parrots, which were hung 80 feet (24.5 meters) above the ground to complement the natural nesting sites in the Luz Marina Meléndez Private Reserve


Director Richard Amable moves to the United States, becomes part of the Ohio Audubon Society, conducts talks and speeches at the Ohio Audubon Society, and frequently participates in local birding trips. He is learning more, getting experiences and stories to share in Peru.


Richard Amable partners with Voice of America Metro Park in West Chester: Designing 05 wooden nests for American Kestrel, all hung 16-20 feet above the ground, attached to trees.


The Jacamar Club Scholarship program begins, where annually 01 female or male student is fully supported to be part of the Interpretive Class of Birdwatching that takes place in various regions of Peru.


Lic. Ana Amable joins the Jacamar Club Team permanently, in the area of Strategic Management, her support is crucial in marketing and organization, since she creates, innovates and is the edge of formality in all our activities of the present and future.


Jacamar Club receives significant donations, for the Birding in Action program, donations made by Mr. Shamus M. Terry from Vortex Optics, USA organization.


We partner with the Vortex Optics USA team and we are currently brand ambassadors, in addition to sales of bird watching equipment (binoculars, telescopes, tripods, etc.) the team grows and the alliances are strengthened for the Birding in Program Action.


The Birdwatching Class is developed in the Madre de Dios Region, in "La Collpa", "La Cachuela" and "La Carachamayo community" in Tambopata - Peru, being carried out with the effort of our instructors and collaborators for a period of 2 days, participating mostly local students aspiring to Tourist Guides.


The Bird Observation Class is developed in the Cusco Region, in the Manu RBM Biosphere Reserve in Peru, with the theme: "The enigmatic birds of the Bamboo - Manu Road" with participants, students and professionals, women and men for 6 day.


We strengthen teaching and partner with Leader Willian Ferrufino, an entrepreneurial conservationist of the endemic and endangered species the swallow-tailed cotinga, in Bolivia for a greater educational focus on the conservation of the species keys.


The "Environmental Volunteer Program for Women Birdhouses_Women Birders" begins, starting with the regions of Cusco, Madre de Dios and Loreto in Peru, and La Paz in Bolivia. With the main goal of empowering female birdwatchers from various regions of Peru and Bolivia, providing birding training, environmental education, ecotourism, conservation of our ecosystems and creating strong families with cultural diversity without gender discrimination.


The Covid-19 Biosafety Protocol is implemented in uncertain times of the Pandemic, taking care of health, safety and with formal activities in Peru.


The 1st National Birding training trip is carried out for a period of 5 days, within the Framework of the Women Birdhouses_Women Birders Program, bringing together ladies from the Cusco and Madre de Dios Regions - PERU.


Global Big Day, October Big Day 2022 will take place.


The Jacamar Club team training in the Warblers Capital in The Biggest Week In American Birding in Ohio,EE.UU for a period of 7 days


The Jacamar Club team will be present, on the markert birding of the South American Birdfair in october in the city of Cusco, Peru.


The Birdwatching Class will be held in the Loreto Region, in the Alphuayo Mishana RNAM National Reserve in Peru, with Peruvian and foreign instructors for a period of 6 days


The plan is to develop for the first time in the Madre de Dios Region in Peru, event that celebrates Amazonian birds for a period of 5 days, called "Perudise Birding Festival 2023"


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