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By Ana Amable *aamable@jacamar.com amable_ana@hotmail.com | Tuesday, June 15th, 2021 | Lic. Ecotourism with a specialty in Environmental Management, birdwatcher, bicyclist and Coordinator of Women Birders Program of the Jacamar Club in Peru.

This article is written by Ana Amable, coordinator of the Environmental Program for Birders Women 2020-2021 of the Peruvian tourism private company known as Jacamar Club EIRL, which has been working from its side of social responsibility, to transform gender roles and norms in the activity bird watching, with the women of our community regardless of their trade and profession.

Women Birders in the Sacred Valley from Cusco Region | Piuray Wetland in Chinchero Comunnity.

«We all want to go out independently to the field to observe the birds of our community and the world»

The program begins in mid-2020, during the pandemic, in the difficult times and with all covid-19 biosafety protocols, to contribute to the strengthening of capacities in Peruvian women and not leave it in the background. The increase in the presence and actions of women in our country is on the rise, an example of this is the formation of seats in the next congress 2021 -2026, which will be occupied by 52 women out of 130 parliamentarians, this is the highest figure from history to date, representing 40% of female presence, according to the National Office of Electoral Processes (ONPE).

Ana Amable | Proudly raising the Peruvian flag.

The Women Birders program in Peru is focused on training Peruvian women through field trips, we started in the Cusco, Madre de Dios and Loreto regions of Peru, with 36 young ladies who aroused their curiosity, recognized habitat types, shapes, silhouettes and songs with specialized gear of birding of the Vortex Optics brand from the USA, that has been sponsoring this beautiful work from its beginnings in Peru, in addition to the support of the regional leaders volunteers and instructors who gave their valuable time.


The field trips were carried out faithfully twice a month with the first group of birders. The 36 ladies participated in their respective regions, providing bird watching data for 04 regions; The 12-month result is reflected in the 38 written reports, 33 exclusive virtual talks as:

For the program on business entrepreneurship, avian ecology, photography, environmental education, scholarships, code of ethics, eBird tool, Merlin, Xeno-canto, digiscoping.

About gear and techniques for bird watching, as well as participation in October Big Day and Global Big Day. Among other topics of interest to achieve the goals of the program.

Women Birders Group 2020-2021
Women Birders Group 2020-2021


The equipment to carry out the activity of birding & birdwatching, is limited by its high costs, and in recent years we have only found them for sale in our country. In the development of the program we covered the gap with the support of Vortex Optics from the United States with Razor HD 65mm telescopes, Diamonback HD 8x42mm, 10x42mm binoculars and 8x32mm, Pro GT tripods, birds of Peru field guides and proper apparel for dressing.

To strengthen the performance of the members of the Women Birders program, we donated 10 binoculars in partnership with Vortex Optics. To Madre de Dios, Cusco and Loreto. At Jacamar Club we are convinced in supporting young women, the same ones who will help their families and therefore the country, we need more investment in programs from the Peruvian government, but as a private company we also work to positively transform the lives of women, leaving to exist gaps in the XXI century.

Women Birders in the October Day event realized in the cloud forest of the Manu Biosphere Reserve in Peru.
Nelly Pinedo & Karen Rios birding at Punchana Community in the Loreto Region, Peru`s Nort Amazon.


Fulfilling the objectives from the beginning of the program, the executive summary of the Women Birders Program will be ready very soon on our official page, thanking each one of those who made possible the first block of the Environmental Program Birders Women of Jacamar Club 2020-2021.

This year we will continue training more women from other regions of Peru, creating leadership at the individual and collective level.

Providing the necessary tools for each woman to be able to act autonomously in birdwatching activities.

Women Birders birding at Lucre – Huacarpay Wetland in the Loreto Region, Peru`s Andes.

Women Birders birding at Alpahuayo Mishana National Reserve, Varillal forest habitat in the Loreto Region, Peru`s Nort Amazonia.

Women Birders birding at Bello Horizonte Community, palm swamp habitat in the Madre de Dios Region, Peru`s South Amazonia.

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