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Posada Amazonas – 5 Days/4 Nigths Birdwatching Tour inte Peruvian Amazon

Tour details

This 5 days birding tour in the Amazon of Tambopata, southeast of Peru offers a variety of habitats in walking distance from Posada Amazonas lodge that is reflected in highly productive expeditions. If you are a birder with some or little experience this is the right program for you.

Place of departure


Place of return

Puerto Maldonado – Airport

Departure time

7:00 am

End time

1:00 pm


Lodge accommodations
Professional bird guide with song library
River and land transportation
Meals from day 1 to day 5
Snacks for each day and water

Does not include

Alcoholic beverage
Travel and Medical Insurance
Other items of personal nature


Tour Considerations

What to expect on a 4 nights birdwatching tour at Posada Amazonas?

Although all of our guides have basic bird identification skills, only a handful truly qualify as birding guides – able to identify hundreds of species by sound and sight. Our birdwatching expeditions not only have an especially designed program but also a trained birding guide. Explore different habitats from the road’s secondary forest along the way to the lodge, search for birds from the river banks, watch macaws or toucans from the canopy tower, look for endemics birds at the bamboo forest, visit a parrot clay lick, explore the oxbow lake and do a birding night walk.


Doy 1 Welcome to the Amazon! - Posada Amazonas Lodge

  • Arrive in Puerto Maldonado,capital of Madre de Dios,and join o 1-hour journey by bus with few stops along the road's secondary forest to sean for Purus Jacamar,White-browed Blackbird,Pearl Kite,and Scaled Pigeon and a 1-hour boat till the lodge the necessary stops to search for: Pied Lapwing,Collared Plover, King Vulture,Bat Falcon,Olive,and Russet-backed Oropendolas and Ringed Kingfisher and Amazon Kingfisher.
  • Your first toste of the Amazon culinary willbe in the river while you let the city behind to enjoy the amazing jungle landscapes
  • Posada Amazonas Lodge awaits - a spacious ecolodge,with bar,a massage center,and buffet service in the heart of

a private concession own by the Native Community of Infierno,the guardians of the rainforest.

  • Accommodation includes a 45 ms square room with a private bathroom and an open wall facing the forest.
  • Your stay includes three meaIs daily,teas,coffee,guided excursions and activities,refreshments upon arriving,and transfers to and from the airport. We assign guides at 8:1
Doy 2 Posada Amazonas Lodge

  • This morning join a hike to the 40-meter scaffolding Canopy Tower. A banister staircase running through the middle provides sale access to the platforms above which will add a whole new dimension to our Amazon birding experience: the forest canopy. we willwait for a canopy mixed flock to appear. The mixed flock is mostly all about tanagers: Paradise Tanager, Green-and-gold Tanager,Flame-crested Tanager, Turquoise Tanager,Opal- rumped Tanager, and others.The tower also offers a good opportunity for Cream-colored Woodpecker, Gilded Barbet, Plum-throated Cotinga,and Striolated Puffbird. Macaws and toucans are seen flying against the horizon,including the Chestnut­ eared,Lettered,Emerald,Curl-crested,and Brown-mandible Aracaries. We will see lonely raptors riding the thermals. This is your best chance for hawk-eagles and even harpy!
  • Only a twenty-minute walk from Posada Amazonas is the parrot clay lick. From a blind located about twenty meters away,you will see dozens of parrots and parakeets descendon most clear mornings to ingest the clay on a riverbank. Species such as Mealy and Yellow-headed Amazon,Blue-headed Parrot,and Dusky-headed Parakeet descendat this clay lick.The clay lick is active at dawn,during the late mornings and mid-afternoons.
  • By the afternoon,we will bird the Shahue Trail,good for Fiery-capped Manakin,Round-tailed Manakin,Pale Rumped Trumpeteer,and Pavonine Quetzal.
Doy 3 Posada Amazonas Lodge

  • We depart an a fifteen-minute boat drive to the bombeo patches around Tres Chimbadas Lake.We will leave lake birding aside and focus on the bamboo specialists.We will look for the endemic White-cheeked Tody Tyrant, Peruvian Recurvebill, Red-billed Scythebill,Rufous-headed Woodpecker, Rufous-breasted Piculet, Brown-rumped Foliage Gleaner,Large- headed Flatbill,Dusky- tailed Flatbill,Dusky-cheeked Foliage-gleaner, Flammulated Bamboo-tyrant, Dot- winged and Ornate Antwren,White-lined Antbird, Rufous-capped Nunlet, Pheasant Cuckoo,and Striped Cuckoo.
  • By the afternoon the Shije'eje Trail, offers opportunities ta spot Variegated Tinamou,Blue-crowned and Rufous Motmot, Golden-crowned Spadebill,Curl-crested Aracari,and mixed-species flock. A small clay lick attracts Dusky­ headed and Black-capped parakeet, and Cobalt-winged Parrotlets in addition to Spix's Guan.
Doy 4 Posada Amazonas Lodge

  • A thirty-minute boat ride and thirty-minute hike from the lodge willtake us to Tres Chimbadas oxbow lake,which has palm swamp and grassland vegetation as well.We willtry to spot Pale-vented Pigeon,Azure Gallinule,Purple Gallinule, Slender-billed and Snail Kites, Rufescent Tiger-Herons,Sungrebe,Green Ibis, Gray-breasted Crake,Rufous-sided Crake, and two of the "must-see·Amazonian classics: Horned Screamers and Hoatzin.
  • The secondary forest can be created in a number of ways,from degraded forest recovering from selective logging to oreas cleared by slash-and-burn agriculture that hove been reclaimed by the forest. Generally,secondary forest is characterized by a less developed canopy structure and smaller trees. This means we will focus on: Barred Antshrike, Short-tailed Pygmy-Tyrant,Streaked Flycatcher,Boat-billed Flycatcher,Solitary Block Cacique,Gray-franted Dove, Ruddy Graund-Dove and others
  • Alter dinner, we willventure out near the lodge on a birding night walk to spot-light Pauraque,Tawny-bellied Screech­ Owl,Great Potoo,Long-tailed Potoo,Ocellated Poorwill,andif we are lucky a Mottled Owl or Crested Owl.There is also the possibility of taking macro shoots of American Bullfrogs,Horned Frogs,tree frogs, and other creatures of the night.
Doy 5 back to Puerto Maldonado

  • lt is time to soy goodbye,as the expedition comes to an end.
  • Your visit will make a direct contribution to the Native Community of Infierno intheir efforts to protect Tambopata.
  • You will take the journey back to the city to the airport for your national flight onwards.



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