Strong field leader that guides teams through various ecological regions, educating tourists with a passion for wildlife and enthusiasm for finding sustainable solutions to environmental problems. Driven by challenge and the desire to please. Strong interpersonal communication skills in multiple languages. Leadership is enhanced by a strong understanding of group dynamics and the ability to motivate tourists and see as much as possible while under the pressure of time constraints.

Dr. Donald Brightsmith, Director of Investigations for Rainforest Expeditions and Research Associate for the Biology Department of Duke University, remarked, “Richard’s intelligence, love of nature, ability in the field and trustworthiness make him an ideal candidate for any work in tourism or as a scientific assistant.” In 2002.





°Birding Expedition to Tambopata National Reserve (Including Posada Amazonas, Tambopata Research Centre and Refugio Amazonas). September 2011

°Registro de Aves de Corto Maltes Amazonia y sus Alrededores, Madre de Dios – Peru. (Version en Español)

°Birding expedition to the Tambopata National Reserve (Including Explorer’s Inn and Collpas Tambopata Inn). October 2017

°Birding tour to Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge in South east Indiana and Big Bone Lick State Park, Voice of America Park, Winton Woods Park and Parky’s Farm in South Western Ohio USA. September 2017

°Birding expedition to the Riveralta in Bolivia and the Masked Antpitta. November 2017

°Birding Photo-trip to the Greater Cincinnati Area and Port Clinton in Northern Ohio USA – The Early Spring and Eastern Wood Warblers Migrants. May 2018.

°Birding expedition to Lima to Cusco, via overland. Julio 2018

°Birding expeditions to Manu Biosphere Reserve. July 2018

°Birding expedition to the Tambopata National Reserve (Including Explorer’s Inn and Collpas Tambopata Inn). October 2018

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